Simple, sexy, super fast ASP.NET MVC5 photo gallery

What are the server requirements?

How do I create the folder and subfolders structure?

Just drag and drop files and folders into to your gallery repository main folder. The application will auto detect the folder hierarchy and render the proper folder tree.

Creating the treeview folder structure is just drag and drop

What makes the gallery so fast?

Do you provide the **full** source code, so I can create my own application based on this?

YES. Please read the EULA.

Where are comments stored?

Comments, name, description and any other information related to each image is stored in a file called folderInfo.inc located in each folder.

Pretty similar to what Picasa does, so you don't have to worry about databases, and you can move around folders and subfolders without losing any information.

Where are comments stored

How does the visitor login to leave comments?

In order to leave comments, visitors need to login using any of the supported authentication providers.

At the moment: Twitter, Facebook and Google and you can add your own following this guidelines

Auth providers

How can I edit the image name and description as administrator?

You need to open dgallery.config file and add your email address to the administrator list. Once you login using an OpenID provider with that email address, administration options will be displayed

Application configuration file

How can I sort folders and subfolders the way I want?

A pretty powerful and easy to customize sorting mechanism has been implemented. It works just by defining in each folder what the sorting algorithm will be (by default Name ASC)

Sorting folders

Common scenarios:

You can also easily implement your own IComparer

Sorting folders

How do email notifications work?

Every time a visitor writes a comment, a notification service is triggered, so you can be aware of the comment

To make it simple, Postmark service is being used (leave sending email to people who know how to do it), altough you can implement your own notification service using SMTP or similar (an interface is provided so you can implement your own)

Notification service using Postmark

So the only thing you have to do is:

How can display HTML content when the visitors clicks on a certain folder?

Again, simple, convention over configuration!!

Just drop a file named "content.html" in the actual target folder. The application will recognize it and will display the html contained on it instead of the first image of that folder.

Html content when folder opens

Errors.. How do I check if something is wrong?

Elmah is being use for error handling and logging:

Error handling using Elmah

Just point your browser to http://yourdomain.com/galleryinstallationfolder/elmah.axd

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